Reach your goals at every stage of your app advertising lifecycle


Launch is the most critical stage in your app advertising lifecycle. DataLift 360 offers unified access to all channels to make your app launch a success. This includes the world’s first and to date only programmatic bid management platform for rewarded inventory. You only have one shot - make it count.

Rovio 2

"AppLift is a trusted partner to which we frequently turn for our game launches and for post-launch support."

Eric Seufert - Former VP of UA & Engagement ROVIO


Acquiring high-quality, high LTV users is the key to app profitability. AppLift’s technology enables you to leverage your own data to sustainably grow your user base and take your app to stellar heights. Via DataLift 360 you have access to all relevant channels and optimization layers for your sustainable user acquisition strategy.

King 2

"AppLift is a great partner providing quality users at scale. We look forward to further growing our partnership"

Shane Horneij - Director of Performance Marketing KING


Acquiring new users is only half the story. After this you need to retain them and increase customer value over time. AppLift has developed personalized remarketing solutions to re-engage churned users and help turn your existing users into buyers.

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