Retargeting with DataLift 360

User Acquisition is only one part of the equation. Without an intelligent retargeting strategy to back it up, customer acquisition remains incomplete. To ensure lifetime value and maximum ROAS, app advertisers need to retain and engage their users. Learn more about how you can achieve that with DataLift 360’s powerful retargeting options.

The majority of users downloading an app never engage with it

of apps are only used once

app retention on day 1

app retention on day 7

if an app is opened only once in 7 days it will never be opened again

Retarget and Re-engage your users

Make sure to retarget and re-engage your users with the various retargeting levers made available by DataLift 360

Use CPA-optimization to maximize ROAS

Reach your relevant audiences at scale and bring your most valuable users back to your app to increase your ROAS and optimize on CPA

Generate more revenue out of your existing users

DataLift 360’s robust engagement algorithm lets you generate more revenue out of your existing and churned users

Product Feed

Integrate with your product feed if applicable


Identify your valuable users and segment them

Dynamic Creatives

Show users the right creatives dynamically


Drive them to action and convert them with deeplinking

Dynamic audiences:
Segment your users dynamically

Not all users are created equal. Make sure you segment your audiences in the right way and retarget them with tailored messages, based on their past behavior. Integrate your 1st-party data and segment your users:

Via API-connection

Via rule-based dynamic audiences

For e-commerce and travel apps:
Dynamic Creatives

Integrate your product feed with DataLift 360 and:

  • Retarget users based on the products they looked at. Ads are generated dynamically to match the user behavior and increase the retargeting efficiency significantly
  • Show only the most relevant creatives to your users, automatically generated in real-time reflecting the most up-to-date product catalog - latest offers, sales, promotions,...
  • Deep-link users directly to the product page to increase chance of conversion

users reached per month in RTB

SSP connections

Access to premium inventory

The Game Changers: AppLift helps Playrix maximize ROAS through state-of-the-art retargeting

"We have been working with AppLift since Q4 2016. They have a robust product, as well as a great team. Given our close relationship with them on user acquisition, being able to carry out retargeting activities together is an added bonus and we hope to grow these activities further in the near future"

Anton Nesterov,
Performance Marketing Manager