Learn how Steve built a successful business by interviewing, learning, and executing.

"The best wins come from those who have used all my free content to drive success for themselves"

Discuss your experience in the industry

I’ve always LOVED growth hacking. My favorite experience would be scraping a listing website using Google Docs and then cold emailing each person on the listing site and getting a 50% open rate and a 15% conversion rate.

I can’t give you too many details on who we were targeting, but it was sooo much fun.

All I can say is we wanted people to sign up for our platform so we weren’t selling them anything. We needed the users to fulfill the supply side of our marketplace.


What learnings have stuck with you, that you use in your current role?

Back to the cold emailing tactics, I’ve always enjoyed how I can get someone’s attention cold. Whether it’s through a cold email, Facebook ad or whatever the ad platform, attention is the first step into building any type of relationship with the customer.

Secondly, I think growth hacking as a mindset is something I will always take with me. In my current role, I like to think outside the box when it comes to app marketing strategies.

Too many people focus on the same strategies and are not willing to test ones that people are too afraid to go after.

Remember this controversial advertising strategy?

Discuss your approach to the industry

My primary job is to focus on what’s happening on the mobile platforms iOS and Google Play and talk to amazing people who have a pulse on what’s working on these platforms today.

The app industry is constantly changing so the only way to keep up is to have some skin in the game and test a ton of strategies.


What do you do to make yourself successful

Here’s the #1 key to my success…


My entire business is built on forming relationships with my podcast guests, my audience and my clients. The fact that I have a business just because I interviewed my app heroes on the podcast boggles my mind, but here’s the key that most podcasters miss.

You have to execute and teach. You see I use my podcast channel as a way to learn from my guests, but I also execute on my own apps and teach the audience my findings. It’s all about learn, execute and teach.

How has your success impacted others?

Besides the awesomeness I bring to our clients?

14 clients featured by Apple with the latest getting a “Game of the Day” feature in November 2017 or driving tens of thousands of downloads with no budget whatsoever.

These are the vanity wins.

But the best wins come from those who have used all my free content to drive success for themselves. Or those who listened to my podcast in the early days and now run 7-figure businesses (some outside of apps).

"When you look back 30-40 years from now, what are you going to regret more? Failing, but trying. Winning and changing your life. Never giving it a shot."

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