Learn from Rayne's success strategy to build an impactful team through positivity.

"I believe that value is added to a company, not only through campaign results, but through a collaboration of healthy mindsets, teamwork, and support."

Discuss your experience in the industry.

My start in the industry began a few years back when I was fresh out of school and began working for an eCommerce startup focusing on SEO/SEM and digital analytics. It was during that time that I gained a huge interest and passion towards data-driven marketing. Quickly, I learned the power of collecting and using data to drive higher quality user experiences. Each data-driven decision better optimized the user’s funnel and experience, which brought the company closer to the ultimate goal of increasing its user base and revenue. I definitely cherish those times and have carried those learnings over to my current role as a Nexon UA manager.

Over the past couple of years at Nexon, my transition from Campaign Manager to User Acquisition Manager has created opportunities for me to expand my role and responsibilities. My current day-to-day responsibilities range from managing global UA strategy, budgeting, performance reporting, direct campaigns, audience analysis, creative testing and partnership management.

My favorite and most memorable experience at Nexon thus far is the time when our UA team won the 2016 Nexon “Team on Fire” award. During our 2016 Holiday Party, individuals and teams were awarded based on merit in the preceding fiscal year. It was an unforgettable moment of recognition for the team’s immense effort to grow 2016 into a successful year for Nexon.

Rayne Yeh

What learnings have stuck with you, that you use in your current role?

Although success is the goal for every campaign, I’ve learned to not overlook the results and data of campaigns that performed below expectations. Learnings from underperforming campaigns are arguably more valuable than those from successful campaigns. Each data point has value, and understanding that data will set you up for future success.

Staying proactive and analyzing data from high-and low-performing campaigns is necessary. Pivots and changes are not only made on underperforming campaigns, but overperforming campaigns as well. It is important to quickly capitalize off early performance indicators. Campaigns performing way above benchmark can help buoy the lower performance of simultaneous test/exploration campaigns. Balancing these insights will allow you to maintain a high performing portfolio overall.

What is your approach to the mobile industry?

As the mobile ad tech industry matures, the way in which we acquire users will ultimately evolve and will require us to be agile and adaptable. With audiences becoming more mindful and aware of ads, advertisers will need to stay ahead of the curve in terms of finding new angles and creative concepts to attract the minds of audiences who are already desensitized from previous experiences.

The importance of having a flawless user experience, starting with acquisition from an ad to ultimately moving through the user funnel to purchase an app or make a purchase within an app, will become even greater.

Performance marketing within the world of ad tech is evolving quickly, and those who are slow to adapt will miss out. Quick pivots are needed within UA to keep portfolios operating at peak performance. Similarly, with regard to the industry, quick adaptation and pivots will be necessary to stay atop the ever growing field of competition.

Rayne Yeh

What do you do to make yourself successful?

Working on a portfolio with numerous titles can be challenging. Through hectic weeks and busy months there are several things that I make sure to do each day.

First, listening is very important. I believe that listening is the key to successful communication. Listening to my teammates helps me think outside the box and see/analyze things in a different light.

Second, being a team player. Teamwork is definitely another aspect that drives success for myself and the rest of the team. Every member is willing to have an open mindset when it comes to strategy planning and campaign optimizations. This creates an environment that is fully supportive of one another. Many hours are spent in the office; it is definitely important to trust and feel valued within any team. Team players, at the end of the day, love to see their team succeed!

Last, being proactive is key. I am very lucky to work within a very proactive team. Members are quick to step up when needed, and most importantly, everyone is quick to lend a hand when certain areas of the portfolio are in a pinch.

How has your success impacted others?

One of my core values that’s been a big factor to my success is to be contagious with positivity. In the Nexon UA team, I jokingly received the nickname “Rayne Brain” because I always think about things in a positive light. As my team grew in size over the past couple of years, I wanted to make sure that the values of teamwork and selflessness stayed intact. Not only were we able to keep the values of our team while expanding, but we grew off of it and created a team dynamic that is truly special. I believe that value is added to a company, not only through campaign results, but through a collaboration of healthy mindsets, teamwork, and support.

For anyone starting out in the mobile industry, my key piece of advice would be to really “Embrace the chaos.” Smile and enjoy the chaotic times. In the end, it makes the story that much better!

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