Learn how thirst for knowledge, solution oriented mindset and healthy dose of curiosity leave Lorenzo hungry for more.

“If there is one thing that I believe that is very important for this business, is that we should never stop exploring new opportunities.”

Discuss your experience in the industry.

I've been working in the Performance Marketing field for the past 5 years, across some of the main industries: lifestyle, dating, fashion e-commerce and right now mobility. I started as a channel manager, taking care of all the main performance marketing channels during the first years: from Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, then affiliate, RTB and always exploring new opportunities. With time I gained more and more responsibilities in terms of people management: at LOVOO I got my first small team: 4 people, the team was called Social Native Advertising, and I also created a Spotify Playlist for us to listen to music during work - Radio Social Native 99.2. Now, at Free2Move, I am Head of Performance Marketing and I got the opportunity to manage a much bigger team.

What learnings have stuck with you, that you use in your current role?

I believe that all the learnings I have done during the past years are important for my current role. If there is one thing that I believe that is very important for this business, is that we should never stop exploring new opportunities and to measure. Testing and analysis are crucial points that can’t be forgotten or split. That’s why data is so important, you need to understand and trust your data.

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Discuss your approach to the industry.

On a typical day, after my cappuccino, I coordinate the Performance Marketing activities across different channels and countries. Together with the CMO and the Lead User Acquisition, we decide how to spend the budgets based on a cohort analysis of past results. Having fresh data allows our team to be always ready to react promptly to any need, new feature, or opportunity that the market offers.

I like to be very hands-on, especially with Paid Social campaigns or testing new channels - I love to see the results. I am also in direct cooperation with the CRM team, which, we believe, needs to work very close to the user acquisition team because of the key role they play in retention and conversion.

What do you do to make yourself successful (3-5 tips to share)?

I think curiosity has played a very important role in my growth.

Since the beginning I’ve always been hungry for learning new things, questioning every result and trying to get as much knowledge as I could from my colleagues and also from other departments. I usually ask myself “why?”, and I think this kind of attitude is what saved me from getting bored.

I also really believe in the concept of succeeding as a team. I like to work in a friendly environment where people help and understand each other, and being a team lead I always try to pursue this kind of positive atmosphere.

Finally, I think that proactiveness is another value that I like to see in the teams where I work. If we always wait for the order from the top or for other people’s job, it might be challenging to reach our goals.

How has your success impacted others?

First, I think that I’ve been lucky because I’ve been working with very smart and professional people. That had allowed me to keep on growing day by day and keep pushing also when maybe the motivation was going a bit down.

As previously mentioned, I believe the people you work with are one of the most important factors for your personal success. Therefore, what I try to offer to my teammates is a supportive figure who they know they can rely on. I always try to adopt a solution-oriented approach and transform criticism and complaints into opportunities. And of course, a joke from time to time helps to keep the mood up… well I hope it has worked with my colleagues. ;-)

“Start thinking out of the box. We recently saw that Performance Marketing is moving more and more towards automation. We all need to start exploring those fields where the human factor works better than an algorithm.”

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