Learn how genuine relationships led to Carissa's career success.

"I hit the ground running and grew into a manager role. I was lucky to be surrounded by smart people that entrusted responsibility, but also took the time to breakdown numbers and explain how things worked to me. I found a family in the Mobile Gaming industry."

Discuss your experience in the industry.

I started doing UA 4 years ago at Crowdstar, as an intern, after I finished my Masters. I just knew the basics for online metrics and had never launched a campaign. Let's just say, that the pressure to find a job was real. :)

After 6 weeks, due to changes in the company, I got laid off. I walked-up to Blair Hamilton (Covet's GM) and Jeffrey Tseng (CEO) and told them that if things ever changed for the company, I would love to join them again. Crowdstar was a dream company for me. One month later, Covet Fashion was picking up and I was brought back to help. I felt so lucky, to be part of such an amazing company and to work with an app that was the perfect balance between ecommerce and gaming. I hit the ground running and grew into a manager role. I was lucky to be surrounded by smart people that entrusted responsibility, but also took the time to breakdown numbers and explain how things worked to me.

Fast forward 3 years and I was working alongside Haydon Young, managing Covet's global budget and a pretty cool team. I launched Design Home into the top 10 iOS apps in the US and found a family in the Mobile Gaming industry. Now I work at Pixelberry Studios, as Senior Marketing Manager, managing Choices UA strategy alongside Filippo De Rose and looking forward to the amazing things we will see from this product.

Carissa Gonzalez

What learnings have stuck with you, that you use in your current role?

Question the data. This was some of the first advice I got when I started in UA and it can be applied to many scenarios. Just be careful to not waste time questioning every little detail. Build trust with your BI team.

As long as you don't put your brand in trouble, don't shoot down ideas. Sometimes, the weirdest creative, will get you the best performance. ;)

Ask! Always ask if you don't understand something! Even if it is not necessarily from your department. There is great value in understanding how the product funnel works, top to bottom, sideways and under the hood.

Do your best to not take things personal and talk it out. Especially when it is a hard subject. Even if the other person is not willing to work through it. At least you will learn from the experience and eventually help others grow.

Your account manager should be like an extension of your team. Be transparent with them on what your goals and KPIs are. If he or she is good, they will use that information to find new solutions and make your life easier.

What is your approach to the mobile industry?

Mobile Gaming UA is constantly evolving, which generates a lot of growing pains. Sometimes, you will have last minute performance analysis requests, realize that your campaigns stopped spending or that your main attribution platform will no longer be allowed to work with your biggest source of installs. That is why organization is essential for my day-to-day. Tools like Asana are really good to help keep track of priorities and to follow through on small tasks that might slip through the cracks. Obviously, the scenarios mentioned above are extreme cases, but if you are in UA, you get what I mean. :)

Mobile gaming tends to push the boundaries on performance marketing. There are a few companies out there working on products that are smarter and offer more transparency or customization into your ad buys. Keep an open mind and give them a hand with beta testing or product ideation. That's when the best ideas come through.

Carissa Gonzalez

What do you do to make yourself successful?

Be genuine and humble with the industry peers. I can't stress more on this! It can open so many doors in your career.

Keep up to date with industry blogs, news websites, events, etc. This is the wild west of performance advertising and you need to understand what is happening in order to be successful.

Don't forget that behind that IDFA or GAID, there's someone with complex emotions and a life. It is very easy to get lost in the numbers and forget about this. Taking time to understand the emotional triggers, likes and dislikes of your users will prove useful in creative or targeting success.

How has your success impacted others?

Understanding Facebook's ecosystem, ad buying strategies and industry research, pushed for a successful Design Home launch. I consider it a graduation from all the hard work and time spent understanding how user acquisition works and how to drive performance with Covet Fashion. Now, I am able to bring that experience to Pixelberry and help Choices grow!

"Always remember that everyone you work with (client or vendor), is another human being. We all have our good and bad days. Take time to get to know them, because this is a small industry. We might as well help each other."

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