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Learn more about Arthur Chin, Head of UA at TreasureHunt

See why Arthur places importance on open communication, transparency and personal growth in reaching your business goals.

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Learn more about Steve Young, App marketing and ASO consultant at AppMasters

See what Steve says is the one key to his business success.

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Learn more about Eugenia Kovalenko, Director of Marketing at Smule.

See what Eugenia says are the three areas that propelled her career in a short few years.

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Learn more about Rayne Yeh, User Acquisition Manager at Nexon.

See how Rayne adds value through teamwork and positivity.

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Learn more about Carissa Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager at Pixelberry.

See how Carissa's meaningful friendships in the industry unfolded into new job opportunities accelerating her career success.

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Learn more about Colette Nataf, CEO and Co-Founder at StepOneGrowth.

See what Colette has to say about the importance of data as a key success factor in her mobile advertising strategy.

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