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"AppLift, the Berlin-based mobile games marketing platform, has announced that its proprietary lifetime value (LTV) optimisation technology yielded a 150 percent return on investment for Aeria Games' Immortalis. [...] AppLift achieved this success by focusing its LTV technology exclusively on the user acquisition and reactivation side of the business while optimising the campaign's ROI via a data-driven emphasis on post-install events."Click here to read the whole article.... Read More

By Thomas Sommer in AppLift News — February 11th, 2014

Week Nr. 5!This week, there are actually 6 links to share... We published an article on Developer Economics's blog on the history of mobile marketing. In this article, we summarize the evolutions of the mobile industry over the past 4 years, in an effort to better understand where it's headed and why.Click here to read it! As always, please let us know your thoughts.What was worth reading during Week 5: Read More

By Thomas Sommer in Mobile Marketing, Asia — January 31st, 2014

This week we attended and sponsored PG Connects, the first conference organized by PocketGamer. Of the topics covered during the two days of the event and due to our operational Asian office (Seoul) and our own interest and exposure in the area, we chose to focus on the content of the “East Meets West” track. The latter was indeed aimed at understanding the specific challenges of publishing and distributing a mobile game in emerging markets in general, and in Asian countries in particular.We’ve compiled a quick and non-exhaustive wrap-up of the most important takeaways from the session. Read More

By Thomas Sommer in Mobile Marketing, Asia, AppLift News — January 23rd, 2014

Winter has come, and the Game of Phones rages on.Winter is finally upon us, and game publishers on every platform are preparing for one of the most important periods of the year. On mobile, during Christmas more than ever, the power struggle between Apple and Google rages on.No better time to pay a visit to the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future: we’ll take a retrospective look at the story so far, provide a few Christmassy facts to keep in mind and, of course, try to make some predictions of what lies ahead. Read More

By Louis Brutton in AppLift News — December 20th, 2013