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Of all the components of the user lifecycle, retention is probably the most important metric for freemium apps and free-to-play games. Retention is indeed a direct factor in the computation of the lifetime customer value (LTV) of the users acquired. For instance, early retention metrics such as Day 3 retention can serve as proxies to assess traffic quality for ROI-positive user acquisition campaigns. Needless to say, retention is also a strong indication of the general quality of the app and its user experience.However paramount it is for app publishers, retention has a problem.

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By Thomas Sommer in AppLift News — February 28th, 2014

"AppLift, the Berlin-based mobile games marketing platform, has announced that its proprietary lifetime value (LTV) optimisation technology yielded a 150 percent return on investment for Aeria Games' Immortalis. [...] AppLift achieved this success by focusing its LTV technology exclusively on the user acquisition and reactivation side of the business while optimising the campaign's ROI via a data-driven emphasis on post-install events."Click here to read the whole article.... Read More

By Thomas Sommer in AppLift News — February 11th, 2014

Week Nr. 5!This week, there are actually 6 links to share... We published an article on Developer Economics's blog on the history of mobile marketing. In this article, we summarize the evolutions of the mobile industry over the past 4 years, in an effort to better understand where it's headed and why.Click here to read it! As always, please let us know your thoughts.What was worth reading during Week 5: Read More

By Thomas Sommer in Mobile Marketing, Asia — January 31st, 2014