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In the complex and rapidly-evolving mobile marketing landscape, it's more than ever paramount for mobile marketers to consult the right sources of information in order to remain updated on the latest news and evolutions in the space. At AppLift we do our upmost to bring you insightful tips, news and resources on a regular basis so you can find your way through the mobile jungle. There are however hundreds of other blogs and websites out there and it's not always easy for the mobile marketer to know which ones to focus on at first.This is why we put together the top 40 blogs, websites, tools and other resources into one single simple HTML file that you can easily import straight into your browser of choice and consult at your convenience. Read More

By Thomas Sommer in AppLift News — May 8th, 2014

What some of the trendiest words in ad tech actually mean.

The mobile ad tech space has only been around for a few years but still long enough to accumulate a clutter of ad tech lingo that leaves newbies and onlookers to the industry equally confused. Sure, you’ve heard these terms before - but do you really know what they mean? If you no longer want to pretend to know but actually want to become clear on what’s behind these fancy acronyms and names, then the following glossary is for you - ranked in decreasing order of buzziness! Read More

By Emilia Knabe in Mobile Marketing, AppLift News — April 24th, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, Google updated their Play Store Developer Program Policies with a few substantial changes, notably in terms of app content, app store promotion and advertising. While this is somewhat old news, there are a few points we’d like to focus on more specifically for what they mean for the industry as a whole, and for native advertising in particular. Read More

By Thomas Sommer in Mobile Marketing, AppLift News — April 14th, 2014

A few weeks ago the EU Commission made the headlines by investigating apps and games advertised as “free” but containing associated costs in the form of in-app purchase items (IAP). The Commission met with national enforcement authorities as well as large tech companies to discuss consumer concerns over the app economy and published a document summing up their common position on the topic.While the Free-to-Play (F2P) model has now become a mainstream concept for anyone remotely related to the mobile games industry, it is only recently that the European Commission as well as several national authorities started looking for ways to bring more regulation into it.As a mobile games marketing platform working with and in the interest of mobile game publishers on a daily basis, we thought to use this opportunity to take a deeper look into the current state of various F2P regulation policies in the US, in the UK as well as at the European Union Level.United StatesUnited StatesUnited States Read More

By Thomas Sommer in Mobile Marketing, AppLift News — April 1st, 2014