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AppLift’s Insider Guide to Being a True Berliner During FirstScreen

FirstScreen is just one week away and we thought we owe it to our readers as well as to all attendees to say a short word about the city where the conference will take place, and where AppLift was born. From being at the center of much of Europe’s history and turmoil throughout the 20th century, over the last 20 years Berlin has become a vibrant hub for artistic creativity and, most recently, startup innovation.

Although plenty of food and excitement will be provided at the aftershow party at House of Weekend, we’ve interviewed three AppLift Berliners, both native and newcomers, to explain why they love this city so much and give a few tips as to where to go eat and party if you’re staying for a couple days more.

FirstScreen Conference: The Speakers Are Here

A few weeks ago we went out with the news of our first-ever conference, FirstScreen, which will take place on June 15 in Berlin in collaboration with Online Marketing Rockstars. Today we’re thrilled to announce the first speakers as well as the conference agenda. We mixed insightful sessions from mobile experts with inspirational talks from influencers and entrepreneurial luminaries to bring you a conference experience both informative and entertaining. Among others, we will be welcoming the founders of the app phenomenons and Dubsmash, as well as specialists from Facebook, TUNE, adjust, Studio 71, Priori Data and many more!

A New Era Begins for AppLift India

After a long and arduous journey, AppLift finally opened its doors to a brand new office in the heart of India’s silicon valley – Bangalore. A vibrant city with some of the best tech talent in the world, the bustling city of Bangalore was a natural choice for AppLift to set up shop and further grow its India business. A week of festivities ensued with the opening of the new office – ranging from a learnup to an office warming party and finally, AppLift’s premier Datathon in India.


— 全球领先的移动应用营销平台AppLift,今天正式对外宣布收购Bidstalk公司,该公司是一家为媒体及广告主提供自动服务的白标移动及视频需求方(DSP)平台。 总部位于新加坡,同时其在印度的班加罗尔也设立有R&D中心。Bidstalk为营销人员提供购买RTB移动广告的独家程序化自动服务平台。通过本次收购,此举进一步促使AppLift成为全球注重效果的应用营销市场的先驱。