Stefan Benndorf

The Global App Opportunity in Mobile Performance Advertising

Revenues from mobile app installs ads are booming and the global app opportunity is getting much harder to ignore. Until recently, a large portion of the app marketing business was driven by the players at the forefront of marketing and advertising technologies, namely the larger game publishers. This phenomenon was mainly due to the category’s attractiveness to consumers and the high revenue potential of free-to-play micropayment-based business models.However, today we’re seeing an increasing market opportunity for apps outside of the gaming vertical. Transaction-based business models such as eCommerce and classifieds are skyrocketing on mobile and sometimes even leapfrogging desktop in certain mobile-first economies.

Which Price Is Right In Mobile User Acquisition?

What is the right price for a performance mobile user acquisition campaign?

Although fundamental for mobile advertisers, this simple question has no straightforward answer. There are indeed a lot of factors likely to influence or even determine the success of a mobile user acquisition campaign, especially if it’s run on a performance basis.

Strong of our experience of running performance campaigns for over 500 mobile advertisers, here is what actually matters when it comes to getting the right price…and the price right.