AppLift’s Ultimate Guide to Barcelona During MWC

Barcelona is known as the Spanish city that has sea, mountains, panoramic views, great seafood and amazing Gaudi architecture all in one place. However, it is a city that offers so much more than that. For our industry, it is home to the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Europe’s largest mobile conference. For many mobile professionals, the yearly trip to Barcelona has something of a pilgrimage and during that time, the whole city transforms to cater to thousands of handset developers, telecom providers and mobile enthusiasts.

This year, MWC will take place from February 22-25 and aims to attract over 100K global visitors. If this is your first time at MWC, fear not! We have picked the minds of our MWC Veterans at AppLift for tips about the show so you don’t end up completely exhausted after this four-day marathon.

If you’re seasoned MWC-goer, we’ve got you covered as well! We’ve selected the best places to eat, drink, or simply visit if you have a bit of time on your hands.

Interview Exposed #22: adsquare “GeoData: Offline and Digital Will Be Bridged by Analyzing Real-World User Behavior and Linking It to Mobile Campaigns”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed Series! This time around, we interviewed Vincent Tessier, VP Demand Partnerships at adsquare. Vincent explains how advertisers need to leverage data to ensure that they are correctly targeting the right users through value-added campaigns, and stresses the importance of ‘geodata’, as frequently-visited places is a strong indication of user preferences, interests and intentions. Lastly, he explains the necessity of ‘privacy by design’ to ensure that only the necessary data is collected and protected.

Interview Exposed #20: Smaato: “A Publisher-Safe Ecosystem and Transparency Assures a Brand Against Fraudulent Traffic”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed series! In this edition, we have an interview with Ragnar Kruse, the CEO and Co-Founder of Smaato, on how they are trying to consolidate the supply ecosystem through their ‘super auction’ model, as well as how markets like China will blow the US out of the water for smartphone penetration and app usage. Lastly, we also touch upon the strongest developments in the mobile programmatic ecosystem from RTB to IAB.

Ragnar Kruse is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Smaato. As a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience in IT, Ragnar Kruse understands the unique challenges in bringing new technologies to market. He has built up several companies from inception to market launch in both the US and Europe.