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全球移动广告技术公司AppLift近期隆重宣布将在旗下移动应用广告平台DataLift 360上,通过规则构建的用户界面推出最新研发的受众群组细分功能,从而帮助广告主基于多个应用内活动界定其规则并细分用户群组。其目标在于创建更高效的再定向广告,从而促使平台内能够直接实现最大化ROAS( 广告投资回报率)。

AppLift’s Quintessential Guide to Barcelona: Get MWC Ready!

It’s less than a week for Barcelona to once again welcome mobile enthusiasts to Europe’s biggest conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC). And while we are sure that during the day the conference will keep you busy with exciting innovations and announcements taking place in the mobile world, there’s also plenty that the city offers if you want to explore the city beyond the walls of the Fira Gran Via!

The AppLift team has put together an informative guide with a selection of some of our best recommendations on things to do, sights to see and places to wind at after a hard day at the conference! Check out our guide!