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AppLift helped Miniclip substantially grow their user base through dynamic price optimization

“Delivering large amounts of traffic while at the same time overachieving campaign goals is no easy feet. We are very impressed by how AppLift's team leveraged dynamic price optimization to obtain outstanding results on our '8 Ball Pool' campaign.“

Jonathan Winters, User Acquisition Specialist

Get Taxi generated rapid growth in the Russian market through AppLift's rewarded ads platform

“Overall, our App Store ranking improved from 100th ( prior campaign start) to 54th (after campaign start) during a 4-month runtime with AppLift's unique rewarded ads platform.“

"Through high volumes as well as a constant flow of high-quality users, AppLift enabled Quikr to establish itself as one of the most important classifieds mobile players in India."

Tripta Chauhan, National Lead, Performance Media buying

"AppLift is a great partner, delivering quality users and a strong return on our ad spend. Their global team has been very helpful, responding quickly and offering handy advice on optimizing our performance."

Marie-Ashley de Lachapelle, Mobile Acquisition Manager

"AppLift is one of our top mobile marketing partners. They drive quality growth and deliver a strong return on our ad spend. Their global team has been responding quickly to every request and is extremely proactive."

Vera Zlygosteva, Mobile Marketing Manager

"AppLift is a great partner providing quality users at scale. We look forward to further growing our partnership."

Shane Horneij, Director of Performance Marketing

"AppLift is a trusted partner to which we frequently turn for our game launches and for post-launch support."

Eric Seufert, Former VP of UA & Engagement

"AppLift’s expertise in the mobile gaming vertical makes them a valuable partner in driving quality installs to our new titles."

Michael O'Brien, User Acquisition manager