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  • Quality mobile games
  • Flexible and native ad integrations
  • Transparent metrics
  • Fast payouts, high CPIs

Our Products

PlayAds SDK

With AppLift’s PlayAds SDK, easily and efficiently monetize your traffic with extensively customizable native ad units which are deeply integrated within the app experience and highly engaging for the user.


Quick set up

  • Quick and easy SDK integration, for iOS, Android & Unity.
  • The ad units can be changed without updating the SDK or re-submitting the app, and new units are made available on a regular basis.
  • Easily manage and monitor your performance directly from your PlayAds Dashboard.
  • Weekly payouts.

eCPM maximization

  • High fill rates.
  • Through our algorithm, we optimize the ad offers displayed to maximize click-through and conversion rates..
  • Our innovative ad units are playful, driving clicks and engagement.
  • The app store download page is opened within the ad, which results in higher conversion rates.

Churn minimization

  • The PlayAds SDK offers extensive customization options to adapt the ad units to the look and feel of your app, and can be deeply integrated within its content.
  • Our ad units are truly innovative and can be used on top of traditional ad formats as an additional revenue stream.

Mobile Widget

Through our proprietary HTML 5-based technology, our Mobile Widget enables easy and efficient monetization of your website’s mobile traffic through an app wall with offers from our top-tier mobile game publishers.


  • Gain an additional revenue stream from your website’s unexploited mobile traffic.
  • The widget integrates a traffic switch to target specific iPad, iPhone or Android users with the right free-to-play mobile game offers.
  • Minimal integration effort and no maintenance needed. The device-optimized microsites are provided by AppLift.
  • Our eCPM optimization algorithm automatically adapts the offers.
  • Custom adjustments possible.


Besides our PlayAds SDK, AppLift offers a flexible API to easily integrate with our server, using any custom server side integration.


  • Easily and effectively scale your monetization efforts. All our offers are available via our API.
  • Reduce cumbersome manual workload and spend your valuable time driving profit.
  • Flexibility: we can pass the data in JSON, CSV or XML formats.

Custom Integration

Determine where and how you want your ad to be integrated today!

Here are just a few of the integration possibilities

  • In-app pop-up notifications
  • SMS
  • Banners and interstitials
  • QR codes
  • Call-to-action button at the end of an article
  • Offers smoothly integrated within the content


Quickly and efficiently monetize your app’s traffic with our highly-engaging customizable ad units.

  • High eCPMs

    Thanks to our high-engagement interstitials and high-payouts, our eCPMs are among the highest in the market.

  • Interactivity

    Our PlayAds SDK offers playful and interactive ad units for the user which does not hurt their app experience and preserves retention.

  • Customization

    The PlayAds units are extensively customizable to adapt to the look and feel of your app, preserving the seamlessness of the UI.

  • Transparent metrics

    We grant you full access to a live and detailed reporting dashboard, so you can see how your ad space is performing.

  • Easy setup

    Integrating our high-engagement interstitial SDK only takes a few easy steps (iOS and Android).

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    media partners trust us

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  • eCPM up to


Media Partners

Wherever your mobile traffic comes from, we’ve got a solution to easily and efficiently monetize it through our portfolio of quality free-to-play mobile game offers.

  • Apps

    Easily and flexibly run our mobile game offers in your app, either through our proprietary PlayAds SDK, by using our API or your own custom integration: banners, interstitials, pop-up windows…


    “With AppLift, we started to earn mid 5-digits revenue within the first month. Average conversion rate of the campaigns were 33%. AppLift provides us a dedicated cooperation.”

    Tobias Boerner Chief BD Officer, Lovoo Europe

  • Mobile web

    Gain an additional revenue stream by monetizing your website’s unexploited mobile traffic! Use your own custom format or our eCPM-optimized mobile widget.


    “AppLift brings high-quality game offers in our mobile traffic from leading game publishers and enables us to drive hundreds of installs per day. We look forward to extending our partnership.”

    Dee B., Sr. Director, Zedge

  • Messaging

    Use the conversion power of social messaging on mobile to run our offers! Whether you are an Email or SMS marketer or running your messaging app, we’ve got the right monetization solution for you.

  • Social

    Have you got reach on the social networks? Monetize your social mobile traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with our top-tier game offers!


    “I am very satisfied with the monetization for my all Twitter accounts through Applift. Applift provides me the most professional business relationship ever. I definitely suggest to all individual Twitter accounts having high number of followers to monetize with games through AppLift.”

    Arda K., Twitter account, Turkey

  • Video

    Exploit the potential of your video audience to gain additional revenue through our mobile game offers! (example from Zattoo Spain)

  • Editorial

    Have you got a blog, a mobile/tablet magazine or a recommendation app? Feature our top-tier game offers to monetize your traffic through above-market Cost Per Install payouts!


    “We run an app and game recommendation service mainly targeted at casual gaming audiences (families and kids). AppLift has proved to be a strong partner in providing us with with fresh, good running mobile game offers”

    George Osborn, Head of Editorial Content, MagicSolver

  • Search

    Have you got a search engine or mobile app? We efficiently monetize your users’ queries with relevant mobile games offers.

  • Network

    Easily and efficiently monetize your backfill inventory and reach 100% fill rate with high CPI’s from our top-tier mobile game offers.

Our specific offer for carriers, OEMs and media houses

With more than 500 million gamers worldwide, gaming has gone mainstream and will further skyrocket to over 1 billion global gamers by 2017. Mobile games have proven to be the clear number one app activity for smartphone and tablet users and the dominating and driving force here which already account for 80% of all game-apps. By working with us, you will capitalize on this great opportunity.

Device Manufacturers

We help OEMs to build and extend their brand reputation in the mobile games ecosystem. By pre-installing our GameFinder app, customers will easily explore the best freemium games in an entertaining way.

The GameFinder is your customers' gateway to a hand-selected games library, redacted, localized and maintained to maximize the users' gaming experience. While customers enjoy playing games, OEMs gain on-top revenue per install of a promoted game via the GameFinder.

Mobile Network Operators

Mobile data will continue to be a major growth driver for mobile operators. Delivering quality mobile games to your customers will not only engage and retain them to your service.

As many of top-grossing mobile games use more than 1MB per minute on average, this will also heavily stimulate your core business: selling additional data packs to your customers, thereby increasing ARPU.

Media publishing houses

AppLift enables digital publishers to complement high-quality redacted content with best-fitting freemium games, matching user base desires and expectations.

Promoting exciting games as additional value to your customers is a more subtle, yet more efficient way of monetizing mobile traffic, yielding to double digit eCPMs.


We provide our partners in the broadcasting business an opportunity to increase advertising spaces fill-rate by promoting cool games on a performance­-based model. Also, we help to build a strong footprint in the mobile games market via a customized mobile games website or by applying our product GameFinder.

By doing this, you will establish a new channel to interact with your viewers, even when they are not on your programme.


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How can AppLift help me earn money?

AppLift is a mobile marketing platform dedicated to games for both iOS and Android. We have the broadest portfolio of mobile game offers in the industry and negotiate deals directly with game publishers and developers to make sure you get attractive payouts for each game install you generate. With your partner account you will not only have access to our wide portfolio of mobile game offers but also to additional resources and support from our dedicated account management team. You'll be able to promote all of the listed games for which you have been approved. As many of our advertisers look for tons of mobile quality traffic and thus don't put budget caps on their campaigns, you will often be able to earn a lot of revenue out of one single offer.

What are the main criteria to qualify as a media partner and how do I get started?

As a premium mobile games marketing platform we are looking for partners who know their business, are honest about the methods they use and keen to deliver quality traffic for our advertisers. To get started you need to submit your application using our signup form on applift.com. You will be asked to submit two referees and some more information about the traffic sources you intend to use. You will then soon be contacted by one of our traffic managers to inform you about your status of approval. If everything looks ok we will be able to get you started within 24h (weekdays). In case you get rejected for reasons you do not agree with, please let us know so we can work this out together.

How do I track conversions and manage multiple offers and campaigns?

We're using one of the most advanced tracking solutions in the industry. Our platform offers a technically solid and holistic solution to track conversions, analyze campaign data and optimize accordingly using multiple predefined or custom variables. If you have any questions about the appropriate use of our system we will be happy to provide you with support. Please get in touch with us using our contact form.

I have online web traffic. Can you monetize it as well?

AppLift specializes in monetizing mobile traffic. However, our sister company ad2games is an innovative performance marketing network which works directly with the most renowned online gaming portals, enabling them to monetize their traffic with browser game offers from over 150 game publishers such as Bigpoint, Gameforge, EA, Perfect World, Kabam, Goodgame Studios and Nexon. ad2games is present in over 50 countries and works with more than 2500 diverse and high quality media partners, delivering large amounts of daily, games specific traffic for the advertisers.

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